Carryback adheres on the belt, which causes serious material accumulation and residue build-up return rollers that results in premature roller failure and unscheduled downtime.



Carryback (material accumulation)
The material accumulation issue caused by material buildup in moist/sticky applications; plus, if the belt cleaner isn't installed, the situation will be worse. As a result of that, material accumulation and idler premature failures can lead to belt damage, belt displacement, and energy consumption.



Premature failure of rollers / belt vibration
Some operators are comfortable with their belts, no matter how many residue sticks. Consequences of carryback are much more than you imagine that residue accumulates on rollers causes belt vibration and premature failure of rollers. It's necessary to be assigned for regular cleanup; otherwise, the roller may be literally stuck by carryback.


Disc return idler

Due to the discs installed onto the steel roller, side by side, disc designed with self-cleaning prevents buildup on roller on return side of belt. As a consequence, the material does not adhere any more to the roller's surface; meanwhile discs protect the belt edges in cases of belt displacement. Discs are standard with rubber discs, PU discs, or ceramic discs.


Economic benefits

Jimway's disc return idlers:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less material waste
  • More productivity

Jimway's customers are happy with our disc return idler, which improve efficiency be providing the following benefits:

  • 3X Longer Service Life of Steel Roller
    Disc return idler, which is self-clean roller, is suitable for conveying sticky, abrasive, or corrosive material.
  • Longer Lasting Conveyor Belt Components
    Our disc return idler is stable in wide temperature range, extending the roller service life and has wet/sticky material shedding characteristic to prevent belt displacement (extend the belt service life).
  • Increased Productivity (Less Material Loss)
    Preventing material buildup on the roller surface via less contact area with the belt and eliminating carryback to minimized maintenance cost, cleanup fee, and lower labor costs. Plus, keeping bulk material moving in the right direction through belt load zone can minimize material loss.
  • Lower Energy Costs
    Without material accumulation, the less energy is required to get the roller moving, which keep the belt conveyor operating smoothly.
  • Safer Working Environment
    Safer conveyor systems prevent operators fall down through material accumulation.

Jimway's specialty disc return idlers

  • Disc return idler with rubber discs
  • Suitable for conveying sticky/corrosive material.
  • Disc return idler with PU discs
  • Suitable for conveying high sticky/high abrasive material.
  • Disc return idler with ceramic discs
  • Suitable for conveying high abrasive, high sticky, high corrosive material, such as sinter, coke, salt, limestone, furnace slag, and water quenching slag, etc.

Our Solution & Innovation

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