Your Issue: Carryback (Conveyor belt cleaner)

Carryback adheres on the belt, which causes serious material accumulation, residue build-up return rollers and belt mistracking. In addition, belt mistracking or belt-edge damage results in unscheduled downtime.

Solution: Disc return idler, conveyor belt cleaner

Issue: Carryback (material accumulation)



Result: Premature failure of rollers / belt vibration




Some operators are comfortable with their belts, no matter how many residue sticks. Consequences of carryback are much more than you imagine that residue accumulates on rollers causes belt vibration and premature failure of rollers. It's necessary to be assigned for regular cleanup; otherwise, the roller may be literally stuck by carryback.

Solution: Conveyor belt cleaner


Carryback is a major problem in most plants that is solved by our specialty belt cleaners, which work with all belt sizes/speeds, regardless of industry or type of material. Our belt cleaner scrapers include food-grade, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, and high-abrasion resistant, all engineered for challenging conditions and unusual materials.

 Jimway's conveyor belt cleaner: 

 Clean better 

 Productivity more 

 More cost-effective 

High performance conveyor belt cleaner with adjustor maintain correct scraper to belt contact pressure; in addition, Jimway's customers are satisfied with our conveyor belt cleaners, which improve efficiency by providing the following benefits:

Safer Working Environment

Safer working environment prevents operators fall down through material accumulations. Plus, conveyor belt scrapers clean the residue to aim to minimize or prevent airborne dust into the body.

Longer Lasting Conveyor Belt Components

We guarantee our conveyor belt scraper's excellent clean performance to prevent material buildup on belt inside and then cause premature failure of rollers, pulleys, and belts.

Increased Productivity (Less Material Loss)

Eliminating carryback reduces maintenance cost, cleanup fee, and low labor costs. Plus, keeping bulk material moving in the right direction through belt load zone can minimize material loss.

Lower Energy Costs

When the belt without residue, material accumulation on the roller could be prevented and the belt operates smoothly.

Jimway's specialty conveyor belt cleaners include

Torsion-spring belt cleaner (primary belt cleaner / secondary belt cleaner)

Limited spaced belt cleaner with torsion element

Tensioner with inspection window+blade with clear wear line

Torsion tensioner belt cleaner

Triple cleaning belt cleaner

V-plow with arc-shaped belt cleaner