Conveyor Idlers Conveyor Idlers

Steel / HDPE / disc rollers, Customized specifications are accepted

Conveyor Belt Cleaners Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Blades are available in different sizes, shapes and materials

Conveyor Belt Load Zone Conveyor Belt Load Zone

Patented multiply skirt rubber, impact bar, and impact bed

Conveyor Drum Pulleys Conveyor Drum Pulleys

Various types of vulcanized / replaceable laggings

Conveyor Chute Lining Conveyor Chute Lining

Chute liner / non-drive pulley lagging and bolt-in ceramic liner

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  • We will exhibit at MINExpo (Sept. 26~28). Stop by our booth 24824 (South Hall) and say hello! We look forward to seeing you there!
  • The 3D tracker roller employs highly effective tracking action and quickly ensures the belt alignment.
  • Replaceable laggings fit the curved surface for any pulley diameter
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    In Taiwan

    Quality Control

    Over 10 testing machines in our lab


    OEM and ODM

    Export Worldwide

    Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


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  • The upper image [Steel return roller]

    Material buildup on the roller

    The lower image [Disc return roller]

    Preventing material buildup on the roller


    The material accumulation and belt displacement issue caused by moving material in moist/sticky applications. Discs designed prevent buildup on steel roller on return side of belt.



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  • The upper image [Traditional skirt rubber]

    Resulting in premature failure of the skirt rubber and damaging to the belt.

    The lower image [Multiply skirt rubber]

    Reducing the material spill, dust leakage, and belt damage.

    The inner layer keeps the distance (3~5mm) between the inner layer and the belt without belt damage.

    The outer layer keeps proper contact pressure between the outer layer and the belt.


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